Building Codes and Information


General Construction Code Information

For text of amendments adopted by the City please go to chapter 28 of the Municipal Code Corporation website. The City of Denton operates under the following amended codes for permits issued after September 1, 2015:

International Building Codes Online

 The 2012 International Building Code  The 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
 The 2011 National Electrical Code  The 2012 International Mechanical Code
 The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code  The 2012 International Plumbing Code
 The 2012 International Fire Code  The 2012 International Residential Code



 2012 Building Codes 2015-199   2012 Energy Code Ordinance 
 2012 Building Codes 2015-199    2012 Fire Code 2015-197
 2011 Electrical Codes 2012-227   



 2016 Builders Luncheon for the 2015 Energy Code


Energy Codes


2012  International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)

On April 1, 2014 The City of Denton adopted the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code with amendments for all Residential and Commercial construction.

2012 Energy Code Ordinance

All One and Two-Family Dwellings and all Multi-Family units of 3 stories or less are required to provide an approved Energy Code compliance report that shows that they exceed the 2012 Energy Code requirements by 4% or more.


Residential Energy code compliance software:

  • IECC NCTCOG version of the IC3 code compliance software
  • NCTCOG 2012 IECC Energy Cost Compliance report version of REM/Rate

*Other Energy Compliance Report approved by the Denton Building Official


All Commercial and Multi-Family projects more than 3 stories will continue to use COMcheck energy compliance software. Choose 2012 IECC as compliance software code.                            

 Residential Testing Checklist    2012 Res Energy Code Testing Checksheet 
 Denton Residential Energy Testing Form  2012 Res Energy Code Final Testing Form
   Energy Star for Homes


Other Codes and Information:

 Building Code Adoption History  Design Criteria Manuals
 Commercial Building Permit Final Inspection Checklist  Noise and Odors Ordinance
 Cold Weather Concrete Policy  Texas Accessibility Standard   
 Denton Development Code      Wind Energy Conservation Systems Code