Irrigation & Landscape Information


Irrigation and Landscape Information

Contractors and Builders

*** Beginning January 1, 2010, either a licensed irrigator or a licensed irrigation technician shall be on-site at all times while the landscape irrigation system is being installed. When an irrigator is not onsite, the irrigator shall be responsible for ensuring that a licensed irrigation technician is on-site to supervise the installation of the irrigation system.

According to State law all irrigation projects shall be designed, reviewed, permitted, and inspected.

Landscapes must be planted according to the approved plan prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.  The Landscape Field Changes and Inspection Procedures Contractor Summary Sheet provides quick tips for a successful landscape inspection.  The Planting Extension Application allows for planting trees and large shrubs during the dormant season to encourage a higher survival rate.  The Single Family Homeowner Application for New Tree Planting Exemption releases the builder from planting the trees if the homeowner prefers not to have new trees on their lot.

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