The Denton Fire Department

Our department was founded in 1874 as an all-volunteer force.  Today we are staffed by 169 professionals.  The department is responsible for fire suppression, fire prevention, fire prevention education, emergency medical services, and disaster preparedness.

Each of these divisions encompasses various programs and services that are designed to enhance our ability to serve our customers--the citizens of Denton and Denton County.

It is our philosophy that prevention is key in reducing the fire loss of our city. One outstanding example of this proactive approach is the Citizen’s Fire Academy. All members of the department are asked to participate in educating the public in fore safety and life safety in general.

We are continuously working to improve the quality of the services we provide to the citizens by aggressively training in all areas of our expertise. The EMS continuing education program provides monthly training that meets or exceeds requirements prescribed by the Texas Department of Health. Our staff is always looking for new technology or training that may be used by our front line personnel to reduce loss of life and property in our city.

Administration and Prevention
332 E. Hickory

Station #1
332 E. Hickory

Station #2
3309 East McKinney

Station #3
1204 McCormick

Station #4
2110 Sherman

Station #5
2230 Windsor

Station #6
3232 Teasley

Station #7
4201 Vintage

Fire Department Maintenance
901 Texas

Fire Administration provides the leadership, vision, and resources that our operations personnel need to provide the highest quality service to our citizens. The dedicated employees of administration work closely with the city staff in maintaining a budget that uses each tax dollar in the most efficient and effective way.

The Operations Division provides the firefighting force necessary to solve each emergency situation in a quick, effective, and caring manner. A carefully orchestrated plan of action is used during every scenario encountered. This ensures that the firefighters take the least possible risk, measured against the potential loss faced during each situation.

Fire Prevention provides public education, inspections, fire code enforcement, plan review of all new construction, record keeping, fire investigations, and arson control and prosecution. Members are responsible for public education, inspections, fire code enforcement, plan review, record keeping, fire investigations, and arson control.

Emergency Medical Services is charged with protecting the citizens of Denton and those in portions of rural Denton County during life-threatening illnesses and accidents. The most modern and technologically advanced pre-hospital techniques, equipment, and drugs are used. All ambulances are staffed with at least two paramedics.

Fire Administration
332 E. Hickory
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 349-8840