Denton Plan 2030


In February 2015, the City of Denton City Council adopted an update to the city's Comprehensive Plan (Denton Plan 2030).  Denton Plan 2030 builds upon the foundation established by the 1999 Denton Plan by updating the challenges of managing growth and change over the next two decades, taking the new dynamics and sentiment of the community into consideration. 

Denton Plan 2030 was developed in five phases, each of which included significant community involvement. A number of outreach activities were conducted to solicit input from the community throughout the planning process. Much of the initial outreach was focused on informing the Community Vision Statement and the Preferred Growth Concept.

Following the approval of the Community Vision Statement and Preferred Growth Concept the planning process involved drafting the plan document, consisting of goals, policies, and actions for each of eight topical Elements.  The Denton 2030 Plan is comprised of the following Elements:

  • Plan Framework
  • Land Use Element
  • Fiscal and Economic Vitality Element
  • Community Character and Urban Design Element
  • Parks, Conservation, and Environment Element
  • Mobility Element
  • Housing and Neighborhoods Element
  • Community Health, Safety, and Services Element
  • Infrastructure and Utilities Element
  • Implementation and Monitoring Element