Salary & Benefits


Salary and Benefits

Annual Salaries effective March 2015

Police Recruit
Entry     (Police Academy)     $53,123.20
Step 1     (Completion of Academy and/or Texas Peace Officer Certification)     $53,784.64
Step 2     (Completion of Field Training Program)     $54,444.00

Police Officer
1 Year   (Step A)     $57,984.16
2 Years (Step B)     $60,555.04
3 Years (Step C)     $63,125.92
5 Years (Step D)     $65,694.72
7 Years (Step E)     $68,265.60
9 Years (Step F)     $70,834.40
12 Years (Step G)   $73,405.25
15 Years (Step H)    $75,974.08

Monthly Certification Pay **
Intermediate Certification     $60.00
Advanced Certification     $120.00
Master Certification     $180.00

Education **
30 hrs toward degree     $30.00
Associates Degree     $60.00
Bachelors Degree     $120.00
Masters Degree     $180.00

** Figures are not cumulative

Fifteen (15) days per year, earned at ten (10) hours per month. Officers also receive Bonus Vacation of one-half (1/2) day (four hours) extra vacation for each year worked past the fifth (5th) year of service beginning on the anniversary date of the completion of the fifth (5th) year. Vacation time can be accumulated to a maximum of 320 hours (total amount capable of being carried over from anniversary date to anniversary date).

Sick leave
Fifteen (15) days per year, earned at ten (10) hours per month. No limit on how much can be accumulated, but an employee would only be paid for up to ninety (90) days of sick leave upon termination.

Any officer who is required to work beyond his/her scheduled shift will be paid overtime at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) hours for each hour worked.

The City of Denton has nine (9) paid holidays per year: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. Officers who work holidays will be compensated at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times their normal salary.

After one year of service, an officer will receive four (4) dollars per month for each year of service ($48.00/year). No maximum.

Life insurance
The City of Denton provides life insurance for each employee at no cost to the individual. The coverage equals one (1) year's salary or double in cases of accidental death.

Employees participate in the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS).  Employees contribute 7% of gross pay (tax deferred) and the City of Denton matches contributions and interest on a 2:1 basis upon retirement.  Employees can retire after 20 years of service at any age or with 5 years of service at age 60.  ICMA is also offered to employees as a supplemental retirement savings plan.  It is tax deferred and it is a voluntary plan with no City of Denton contributions.


Employees may elect to enroll in PayFlex in order to use tax-free dollars to pay for out of pocket medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses.

Medical insurance

An employee has two (2) PPO options for medical insurance. The employee pays for dependents, and depending on plan type and other criteria, may receive medical benefits at no cost or low cost premiums for “employee only” coverage.

The Department will issue uniforms to the employee including a Sam Browne, cuffs, and case, O.C. spray and body armor.

Take-home vehicle
The Department has a large fleet of vehicles. To qualify for a take-home vehicle, officers must reside inside the city of Denton, and must conform to the take-home vehicle policy. The officers in Field Operations (patrol) drive fully equipped squads at no cost to the officer. Insurance, gas, and maintenance are furnished by the Department. Vehicles are issued on a seniority basis.

Tuition reimbursement
The City of Denton offers 80% reimbursement for tuition and required fees to employees taking occupation-related courses toward a degree program or a job-related course. Reimbursement for courses requires the approval of the Director of Human Resources prior to enrollment. Employees must continue to work for two (2) years with the City after completion of course work, or the employees must reimburse the City.

Accordia Plan
Through the Acordia Plan, identified expenses can be sheltered from federal taxes. Payroll deductions will allow you to save tax dollars by reducing the amount of taxable income.