A-trainReducing health and environmental impacts associated with our current transportation system presents a challenge in North Texas. People often commute great distances to work, school, or for recreation.

Sustainable transportation options help protect the environment and human health, reduce traffic congestion, and build active communities.  Bicycling, walking, telecommuting, carpooling, use of high efficiency or alternative fueled vehicles and mass transit are all sustainable options.   

The City is taking steps to invest in a more sustainable transportation system.  Since 2006, the City has increased use of alternative fuels in its fleet from approximately 5% to approximately 35%. In 2011, the City installed an alternative fueling station for City vehicles. The City has also installed electric fuel vehicle charging stations at two locations (3 at North Lakes Recreation Center and 2 at North Branch Library), and plans to install more in the future.  

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Linkage Component of the Mobility Plan was updated in February 2012.  The plan will continue to be implemented in a phased approach, as streets undergo reconstruction or as funding allows.


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Denton Mobility Plan: Bicycle and Pedestrian Linkage Component