Frequently Asked Questions


Billing and Payments

When is my utility bill due?

The City of Denton’s utility bills are due sixteen (16) days after the bill’s issuance. In order to avoid the assessment of delinquent penalties, payments must be posted to the account by close of business on the due date.

Please note that payments postmarked by the due date will not be considered as being received on the due date. In addition payments made through alternative sources such as telephone, remote payment locations, drop boxes, or internet will be accepted according to the terms established for those services. For a complete listing of payment posting timeframes, you may refer to the reverse side of your utility bill or click here.

In the event that an account has a previously unpaid balance, this amount will be detailed in red and must be paid immediately upon receipt of the utility bill to avoid disconnection for non-payment.

What payment options are available to me?

The City of Denton accepts many forms of payment via several convenient payment methods. For a complete listing of the City’s payment options, applicable fees, and posting expectations, please clickhere.

What happens if my utility bill is not paid on time?

If payment is not posted within five (5) business days of the bill’s due date, the account will be assessed a late payment charge in the amount of $20.00.

If the previous balance is unpaid by the next bill’s issuance, an overdue interest penalty equal to 1% of the past due balance will be assessed, and a disconnect notification will be detailed on the invoice.

If the balance is unpaid two (2) business days after the disconnect notification, the account is eligible for disconnection due to non-payment without further notice.

In addition to the penalties outlined above, delinquent payments may result in the account being assessed an additional service deposit in an amount up to two (2) months of the location’s average billings.

Does the City provide notices if I miss a payment?

The City of Denton typically provides automated telephone calls to delinquent accounts after the due date and again prior to disconnection of service. These calls are to be considered a courtesy and are dependent on the customer providing a valid telephone number.

In addition, delinquent notifications and other important messages will be displayed on the City’s utility bills in red font. If a customer receives a delinquent notification on their bill, immediate payment must be made to avoid disconnection of services.

I received a disconnect notice on my utility bill. How quickly must I pay?

Customers receiving disconnect notifications on their utility bills should act immediately. The account is subject to disconnection two (2) business days after the disconnect notice is provided.

I have been disconnected for non-payment. What must I pay to re-establish service?

In the event that an account is disconnected for non-payment, the total amount due, reconnect fees, and deposit up to two (2) months of average billings must be paid to re-establish service.

I have been charged a deposit on my bill. When is the deposit due?

Payment for the deposit along with the total balance is due on the due date communicated on the utility bill. If an amount is paid that is less than the total amount due plus deposit, funds apply first to the deposit, then the delinquent balance, and finally the current balance.

What happens if I do not pay the deposit?

If payment is not remitted for the deposit, the account will be subject to all applicable delinquent fees and collection actions. Any payments made to the account will first satisfy the deposit before being applied to delinquent or current balances.

I previously paid a deposit. When will those funds be refunded to me?

When the customer has paid bills and avoided delinquent status for service for twelve (12) consecutive residential billings without having service disconnected for nonpayment of bills, or meter tampering, and provided the customer is not delinquent in the payment of the current bill.

If I qualify for a deposit refund, how will those funds be returned to me?

When a service deposit is refunded, the funds are first applied to the remaining balance on the account. If a credit remains after that transaction, it is applied toward the next bill for existing customers, and for former customers, a refund check will be generated and mailed to their forwarding address.

What is our online refund policy?

Our policy is not to issue refunds for any online credit card payments.  However, if you have a question concerning your payment and/or you wish to inquire about a potential refund, please call 940-349-8700. 

For more information about the City's billing and collection policy, please review Chapter 26, Article 1 of the City of Denton's Code of Ordinances by clicking here.

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