Art & Cultural Grant Relief Program

Art & Cultural Grant Relief Program Information

On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law and established the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund and Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund also known as the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (“SLFRF”) program. The purpose of SLFRF is to provide support to State, territorial, local, and Tribal governments in responding to the economic and public health impacts of COVID-19 and in their efforts to contain impacts on their communities, residents, and businesses. ARPA Final Rule recognizes the impact to households and industries in the travel, tourism, and hospitality as impacted due to closures and cancellations of events.

Denton has a rich tradition of promoting the arts and has a wealth of cultural assets. City Council approved the use of $550,000 in SLFRF to fund a grant program supporting local artists, musicians, and cultural organizations to help them thrive beyond the pandemic.

Arts, Music, and Culture sectors are defined as:  

  • Individuals or organizations with programming that develops or promotes art in any medium (visual, performing, etc.), promotes music or musical performances, or preserves or commemorates historical events and local cultures. Examples include art museums, historical societies, theaters, local-access radio and television, festivals, musicians, and artists. 

In partnership with the Greater Denton Arts Council, the City has opened the grant opportunity and is now accepting applications

The application period begins March 29, 2023, and will close at midnight on April 28, 2023. Eligible individuals and nonprofit organizations must be able to demonstrate an economic loss associated with the COVID-19 global pandemic as required by the SLFRF program and must be in the City of Denton. Recipients will be required to submit quarterly financial reports detailing how the funds were used to sustain and support artist works and performances and performance reports at a 6-month and 12-month period. 

Please see the Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF) for more information, including eligibility, requirements, and payment.

Available FundingMaximum Award IndividualMaximum Award OrganizationPerformance Duration (Months)

2023 Art & Cultural Grant Relief Program Application