Proposition B: Drainage and Flood Control

The issuance of $58,860,000 of bonds for Drainage and Flood Control, and levying a tax in payment thereof.

Proposition B allocates funding for designing, acquiring, constructing, renovating, improving, upgrading, updating, and equipping drainage and flood control improvements and facilities, and the purchase of land, easements, rights-of-way, and other real property interests with respect to:

  • Oakland drainage and upstream detention improvements
  • Pecan Creek Tributary (PEC-4) Phases 3 & 4 drainage improvements

Oakland Drainage and Upstream Detention Improvements

These projects have been identified as a high priority for the drainage system and will address frequent flooding in Downtown Denton. The projects include drainage system improvements and roadway reconstruction that would result in an estimated 21 properties, or 25.5 acres, being removed from the floodplain.

Proposed Upstream Detention Area

Proposed Upstream Detention Area

Oakland Drainage

Proposed Project

  • Installation of a new 48” drainage pipe and a new 9 ft. by 7 ft. drainage box along Oakland Street and Austin Street
  • Relocation and/or replacement of existing utility infrastructure
  • Reconstruction of roadways to accommodate the installation of drainage infrastructure
  • Design and construction to occur along with area roadway improvements included in the 2019 Bond Program

Upstream Detention Improvements

Proposed Project

  • Construction of an upstream detention pond north of downtown to offset downstream flooding impacts of the proposed Oakland St drainage system
  • Proposed pond is upstream of flooding “hot spots” identified by the ongoing Stormwater Master Plan

PEC-4 - Phases 3 & 4

Originally built in the 1930s, the current Pecan Creek Tributary (PEC-4) drainage channel is significantly undersized and in poor condition, resulting in flooding, property damage, and safety concerns. PEC-4 Phases 1 and 2 were completed in 2022 and removed 87 buildings from the floodplain.

The project will include the installation of box culverts for improved drainage, water and wastewater infrastructure relocations, and roadway improvements. This project, when complete, would result in properties in the area being removed from the floodplain.

Pecan Creek Tributary (PEC-4)

The Existing Channel in Pecan Creek Tributary (PEC 4)

Proposed Project

  • Installation of large box culverts for improved drainage along the channel from Prairie Street to Bernard Street
  • Relocation and/or replacement of existing utility infrastructure.
  • Reconstruction of roadways to accommodate the installation of drainage infrastructure
  • Addresses some downtown flooding, including removing area around the Carroll Courts building and Denton Community Market from the floodplain

The potential projects detailed represent the program the City Council intends to undertake to accomplish the intent of the approved bond propositions; however, projects may change.  In that event, the Council may direct proceeds be expended for other projects within the voter-authorized purposes of each proposition.
Note: Bond issuance schedules and estimates are dependent upon a variety of factors and subject to change.