Proposition H: City Hall West

The issuance of $18,235,000 of bonds for City Hall West, and levying a tax in payment thereof. An estimated $358,000 of the bond amount will be for Public Art. 

Proposition H allocates funding for designing, acquiring, constructing, renovating, improving, equipping and landscaping the renovation of City Hall West for event space and city administrative services, including acquiring land, easements, rights-of-way, and other real property interests.

City Hall West

Completed in 1927, City Hall West is a City of Denton Historic Landmark and Recorded Texas Historic Landmark that last housed City offices in 2016.  Bond funding would be used to restore the historic building for active use by rehabilitating the auditorium and balcony, as well as creating office, meeting, and event space including an outdoor courtyard, and resolve accessibility challenges associated with the building. 

The current exterior of City Hall West

The current exterior of City Hall West
  1. Additional Project Information

City Hall West 

Proposed Project

  • Renovate the building on the existing site in a manner that preserves the historic nature of the building
  • Create office space for approximately 15-20 employees
  • Create meeting and event space for use by the public
  • Restore the auditorium and balcony for community use
  • Restore the main staircase to the auditorium and lobby
  • Restore the main entrance from the street along with an improved approach

  1. Project Outcome
  1. Bond Funding

Proposition H Documents and Links

The potential projects detailed represent the program the City Council intends to undertake to accomplish the intent of the approved bond propositions; however, projects may change.  In that event, the Council may direct proceeds be expended for other projects within the voter-authorized purposes of each proposition. 

Note: Bond issuance schedules and estimates are dependent upon a variety of factors and subject to change.