Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department serves the public interest by providing independent and objective audits, reviews, and assessments of City functions and promotes accountability through public reporting. Visit the Internal Audit Reporting webpage to learn more.

When auditing, the Department evaluates if the City:

  • Applies its resources effectively, efficiently, and economically;
  • Complies with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures;
  • Adequately safeguards its assets and resources;
  • Appropriately manages its revenue; and
  • Provides reliable financial and operational information.

Additionally, Internal Audit aids in the prevention and detection of fraud, waste, and abuse.  Visit the Fraud, Waste, & Abuse webpage to learn more.

The City Auditor and City Council receive advice on audit activities and governance from the Internal Audit Advisory Committee. Visit the Internal Audit Advisory Committee webpage to learn more.

Audit Dashboard

A summary of the audits and recommendations issued by the Department can be seen in the Internal Audit Dashboard or in the visual below.

  1. City of Denton ambulance at the Central Fire Station

    New Audit Released - Emergency Medical Services: Ambulance Billing

    Internal Audit has released a new report covering the effectiveness and appropriateness of the City's emergency medical services ambulance billing adm... Read on...