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Grant Applications & Information

Federal & State Grants

The City of Denton uses the following federal, state, and local grants to provide to City Departments, Non-profit agencies, neighborhood groups, and developers to assist households and improve neighborhoods.

Non-profit agencies, City Departments, and Developers that would like to apply, have questions, or need additional information, please email Community Development or call (940) 349-7726.

  1. Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)
  2. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  3. Housing Tax Credit Application (HTC)
  4. Development Fee Grant Program (DFGP)
  5. Community Development Block Grant - Coronavirus (CDBG-CV)
  6. Emergency Solutions Grant - Coronavirus (ESG-CV)
  7. Human Services Grant
  8. Neighborhood Empowerment Grant

HOME funds provide decent, safe, and affordable housing to low and moderate-income households while alleviating the problems of excessive rent burdens, homelessness, and deteriorating housing stock. HOME funds can fund a broad range of activities, including new construction, rehabilitation/reconstruction, assistance to homebuyers, and tenant-based rental assistance. Eligible entities include Community Housing Development Organizations, developers, owners, and sponsors. This program requires matching funds.

During the 2023-24 funding year, a total of $530,350.93 in HOME funds were allocated to a variety of housing projects.  

A combined funding application is available annually for local non-profit agencies interested in applying for HOME funds. Sign up for the Community Services Email List to be notified when applications are available.