Dyno Dirt

Dyno DirtDyno Dirt compost, soil blend, and mulches are excellent for landscapes and gardens. Dyno Dirt products are produced using yard trimmings and recycled biosolids, which prolongs the life of our landfill.

Dyno Dirt products have excellent soil-conditioning and moisture-retention properties and provide natural, slow-release fertilization. Denton-area residents and professionals have been using Dyno Dirt products since 1997 for landscape planting and mulching, lawn establishment and maintenance, flower gardens, nursery crop and green house production, and turf and sod production.

  1. Dyno Dirt
  2. Dyno Lite
  3. Dyno Soil
  4. Dyno Double Grind
  5. Dyno Deco-Colored Mulch

This nutrient-rich compost is ideal for lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, and trees and shrubs. Dyno Dirt meets all Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements for uncontrolled use as a soil conditioner resulting in the production of superior-quality compost, which is carefully processed to maintain excellent soil building attributes and a remarkable abundance of beneficial microorganisms. For best results, mix one to two inches of Dyno Dirt with the top six to eight inches of existing soil. For potting, this product should be blended with soil or other materials to achieve a 50/50 mix.

  • $30 per cubic yard
  • $24 per cubic yard if buying 10 to 99 yards
  • $21 per cubic yard for 100 yards or more
  • Also available bagged! $5 for one cubic foot bag


Dyno Dirt is currently a member of the United States Composting Council's Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program.

The STA program is a compost testing, labeling, and information disclosure program designed to give consumers the information they need to get the maximum benefit from the use of compost.

A participant's composting facility must certify that it is in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations with respect to the certified compost product(s), and it must remain compliant to remain in the STA Certified Compost Program.

Test Results

The City of Denton's compost is tested once every two months by Midwest Labs, view current and past test results.

This compost product has been sampled and tested as required by the Seal of Testing Assurance Program of the United States Composting Council (USCC). The USCC makes no warranties regarding this product or its contents, quality, or suitability for any particular use.

How to Calculate a Cubic Yard

Bulk material is sold by the “cubic yard.” A cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet. Picture a box made with the dimensions of a yardstick, and that would be a cubic yard. 

To calculate how much compost/mulch is needed, use the following formula: Multiply length x width x depth; divide by 12, then divide by 27. This will equal the cubic yards needed.