Camps & Childcare

Staff that manage the care for your kids have been doing so for a combined 100 plus years. We are committed to serving Denton kids.

  1. After School Childcare
  2. Kids' & Teens' Day Off & Holiday Camps
  3. All-Day Summer Camp

After School Childcare in Denton, TX

After School Action Sites (ASAS)

Denton Parks and Rec offers affordable after school care with extended hours. Each day our trained staff will transport your child from school to one of our three recreation centers for an array of activities, including snack time, homework time, crafts, games, intramural leagues, and more.

  • Denia Rec Center: Borman, Houston, LA Nelson, McNair, Ryan, Denton Classical
  • MLK Jr. Rec Center: Hodge, Alexander, Pecan Creek, Rivera, Stephens
  • North Lakes Rec Center: Evers, Ginnings, Rayzor, Shultz

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