Policies & Plans

  1. Trails Master Plan
  2. Urban Forest Master Plan
  3. Tree Migration
  4. Texas Parks & Wildlife Neighborhood Fishing
  5. Denton Park Memorial Program
  6. Naming Policy
  7. Parks System Master Plan

In November, staff began collecting data so we have a base of information to start the planning process. Staff selected more than 15 consultants and industry association experts to assess and evaluate certain assets and services, including, but not limited to, aquatics capital, recreation centers, forestry, trails, playgrounds, skate parks, mountain biking, athletics, maintenance, tennis, and more.

As part of the planning process, we've initiated the development of several mini-plans to later supplement the full Master Plan.

Outdoor Sign Plan

In December, Assistant City Manager Mario Canizares delegated the development of a new outdoor sign plan to Parks and Recreation. The purpose of the plan is to unify sign design and fabrication for various facilities including City Hall, Parks and Recreation facilities, and maintenance centers. We're executing this plan in tandem with the development of a park signage plan.

Urban Forest Master Plan

Urban Forester Haywood Morgan hosted a kick-off meeting for the Urban Forest Master Plan on April 4 with the help of KDB, Streets, Engineering, Environmental Services, and more.

Integrated Pest Management Plan

The Texas Organic Research Center helped create a plan for 100% organic maintenance that City Council recently approved.

Strategic Plan

Staff have been working together to implement the new PARD Strategic Plan that rolls up and parallels the City's Strategic Plan. This new plan is based on the new brand that supports a Unite, Grow, Play mission and initiative.