Air Quality & Greenhouse Gases

The City of Denton participates in numerous programs aimed to improve regional air quality and actively seeks to reduce emissions from municipal operations and the Denton community.

North Central TX Council of Governments Partnership

Ozone Pollution & the Air Quality Index

Ozone season in North Texas is March to October, when warm weather conditions necessary to form ground-level ozone normally occur. Pollution from traffic, industry, and other sources produce ozone forming molecules such as Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds. When ozone concentrations exceed safe levels, based on the Air Quality Index, an Ozone Action Day Alert is issued.

How We're Improving Air Quality

  • Upgrading the City's fleet to alternative fuel and electric vehicles where appropriate
  • Reducing idling through an anti-idling policy ordinance
  • Construction of resource efficient City buildings
  • Improving the energy efficiency of existing City buildings
  • Increasing bicycle trails and lanes to improve non-vehicle transit accessibility
  • Planting trees

What You Can Do To Make an Impact


  • Walk, bike, or use alternative transportation whenever possible.
  • Utilize bike trails and lanes to cycle to work or the store.
  • Keep up with your vehicle's maintenance schedule, and bring it in promptly for repairs.
  • Always maintain properly inflated tires.
  • If you need to purchase a new car, consider purchasing an electric vehicle. Check for available tax credits.
  • Don't idle your car or truck, especially in school zones. 
  • Try Parking It offers a way for residents of North Central Texas to track their commutes and energy-saving measures, such as carpooling and bringing lunch.
  • The City of Denton has Pedestrian and Bicycle Map (PDF) of current and planned routes, along with bicycle safety information and laws pertaining to cycling and sharing the road with cyclists.

Energy Efficiency

Learn about City of Denton energy-efficiency programs and services to improve your home.

Stay Air Aware

Check out Air North Texas for information about air quality issues, sign up for ozone alerts, and get more helpful tips on how to reduce the air quality impact of daily activities.