Building Safety

Building Safety Permitting Information

Building Safety monitors compliance with the City of Denton building codes, ordinances and amendments. The Division is responsible for issuing permits and licenses, reviewing plans and performing inspections on all aspects of the building process to verify compliance with building codes.

These codes are designed specifically to ensure the safety of the structure.

  1. Commercial Permits

    Check out the permits and related processes pertinent to commercial enterprises in the City of Denton.

  2. Residential Permits

    Learn about the costs associated with specific residential permits.

  3. Health Permits

    Health and Food Safety manages the food service industry and public health issues including issuing health permits, and monitoring public and semi-public swimming pools located within the city.

  4. Contractor Registration

    Review the requirements, registration, and application for registering as a contractor with the City of Denton.

  5. Other Permits

    Access the various other permits available.

  6. Short-Term Rental Registration

    Any residential property that is rented out on a short-term basis (for a period of fewer than 30 days) is considered to be a short-term rental.