Development Project Information

Sign Up for Project Notifications

To be notified of upcoming public hearings about new projects in your area, visit the project notifications sign-up page and complete the survey. You will select your address and the distance from that location to receive email notifications of the new projects within your chosen area.

This tool allows you to opt-in to receive a notification when new development projects are proposed in your chosen area that would require a public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council. This includes proposed zoning changes, specific use permits, and planned development applications.  

Steps To View a Project

Citizens can find information on recent and active projects by visiting the Active Projects Interactive Map. The map includes project information such as its status, ID number, address, manager, and various dates.

Active Projects: View Current Projects in the City

  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • On this webpage, you can type in the project address, project number or zoom into an area of interest.
  • Using the map, you can click on a specific project and access information related to the project.
  • Some projects may overlap, so you will see multiple ID number labels. Clicking on overlapping projects will pull up information for each that you can go through by clicking the arrows at the top of the box.
  • A table view of the projects is at the bottom of the page, organized by project type. Double-clicking on any of these records will zoom to that project on the map.

Development Details: Review Meeting Documents & Watch Live Meetings

  • Go to the Public Meetings Page.
  • Type in project number.
  • Click on the agenda to access backup materials, maps, pictures, etc.
  • To view the meeting video, select the video link next to the agenda and meeting notes. While viewing the video, you can view the agenda at the same time.

Central Appraisal District (CAD): View the Property Information on Denton CAD

  • Visit the CAD Search Site page, and in the search bar, type in an address, owner's name, or property ID. By selecting the advanced search option, you can do a more extensive search to find a property.
  • Once you find the property, you can see general information, property value, improvements, land segments, estimated taxes, and deed history.
  • The property can be viewed on a map.
  • The appraisal notice can be downloaded.