Public Meetings & Agendas

Agendas, Minutes, & Videos

Agendas for all public meetings are posted 72 hours in advance of the start of the meetings. Information on meeting times, locations, and business items is available on each agenda.  Agendas for upcoming meetings are listed below, as are the agendas, minutes, and video (if applicable) for past meetings.

For more information about the City Council, Council meeting schedule, voting history, biographies, and more, visit the City Council webpage.

In-Person Comments

Members of the public may provide in-person comments on agenda items that are scheduled for a vote or during the Presentations from Members of the Public ("open mic") portion of the agenda.

Speaking on Items Scheduled for a Vote

To provide in-person comments on items on the consent agenda or items listed for individual consideration, individuals must submit a speaker card (available at the meeting room entrance) to the City Secretary prior to the item being called for presentation and discussion.  The chair of the meeting will call on the speaker by name and each speaker will be given 3 minutes to provide comments.

Speaking on Public Hearings Items

For public hearing agenda items, speaker cards are encouraged but not required. Speakers will be given four (4) minutes to provide comments.  

Presentations from Members of the Public ("Open Mic")

Reports from members of the public may be on any topic not already on the agenda through:

  1. Pre-Registration: Speakers must register by noon the Thursday before the meeting by contacting the City Secretary's Office using the information below.
  2. Registration at the Meeting: Speakers may register by completing a speaker registration card ("blue card") and submitting it to the City Secretary no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Regular Session of the meeting.

Speakers will be given four (4) minutes to provide comments.