Guidance for the Development Community

Environmentally Sensitive Area Assessments

The Official ESA Map was created using best available technology at the time the map was adopted in 2002. Conditions and locations may have changed over time. Any area that has not yet been field verified is considered to be a potential ESA until the field assessment report confirms the presence of the ESA and the confirmed boundary of the ESA has been recorded.

An ESA Field Assessment will be required when a property owner is proposing land disturbances in areas designated as an ESA or staff has reason to believe there may be ESAs located on the property. Field assessment forms may be completed by a qualified biologist or wetland specialist. Staff has compiled a list of firms and consultants who have performed ESA field assessments or Waters of the U.S. assessments in the City of Denton. For a copy of this list, please email the Environmental Compliance Coordinator or call 940-349-7135.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas Primer

The City of Denton has created a primer on Environmentally Sensitive Areas to provide guidance and assistance for property owners seeking to develop on land where Environmentally Sensitive Areas may be located.

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