Provide Feedback on the Denton Development Code

The Denton Development Code (DDC) (PDF) has passed the one year mark since it was adopted by City Council in April 2019. As the new DDC has been applied, staff has recognized the need to make various policy, procedural and administrative amendments to the document. In spring 2020, the City Council will be asked to consider adoption of a series of proposed amendments to ensure the DDC meets the needs of our growing community.

As the list of proposed DDC amendments is being developed, the City is interested in potential amendments that residents, property owners, and members of the development community would like considered. Using the form provided on this page, please provide any specific feedback you have related to potential DDC amendments.

If you would like to request a meeting to further discuss the planned DDC amendments, please email the Development Services Department.

Denton Development Code Feedback Form

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