Local Food

In 2012, the City of Denton City Council adopted Simply Sustainable: A Strategic Plan for Denton's Future. Since then, the community has shown its continued support for local food production.

Sustainable Denton actively promotes local food by working with AgriLife Extension programs that help bring new and innovative practices to the community. These classes range from backyard chickens to small container gardening, and they provide an opportunity for everyone in Denton to participate.

Ways Sustainable Denton Is Supporting Local Food Production

  • Encouraging and educating the public about gardening to increase the amount of community and urban gardens.
  • Participating and supporting the weekly Denton Community Market and seasonal markets.
  • Strengthening and developing new partnerships with organizations that can help support local pollinators such as Bee City USA and the Denton County Beekeepers Association.
  • Operating a large-scale garden at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center that allows class participants and volunteers to get hands-on experience in seasonal workshops. Food harvested from the garden is donated to local nonprofits. Seeds are collected for reuse, and native seeds are placed in the seed library at Emily Fowler Central Library.
  • Supporting and encouraging schools to incorporate local food production and gardening education through the City's Denton Sustainable Schools program. The program helps schools develop new gardens by connecting them with local resources like the Denton County Master Gardeners and Keep Denton Beautiful.

For more information, email Clear Creek. To volunteer for the garden at Clear Creek, to visit the Volunteer page and fill out the volunteer interest form.