Neighborhood Planning

The Long Range Planning Section of the Planning Division is responsible for a number of tasks which includes:

  • Assisting in implementing the Denton Plan 2030
  • Preparing Small Area Plans and Corridor Plans
  • Processing annexation requests
  • Providing land use, population, and housing data
  • Administering the City's Neighborhood Planning programs
  • Managing the City's Historic Resources
  • Participating in updating of the City's development standards

Guiding Principles

  • Citizens as a valuable resource: stakeholders should have a voice regarding all development projects and governmental processes
    • Planning efforts are neighborhood-driven and opportunities exist for all interested persons and groups to express their viewpoints
  • Identify neighborhood priorities: along with encouraging a neighborhood website, the City will assist the community in identifying neighborhood priorities and set a feasible timeline to realize the identified priorities based on available city staff, community volunteers, and funding opportunities
  • Perform asset building initiatives: build upon the strengths of each organized and/or targeted neighborhood, and where feasible, use specific assets as a neighborhood brand
  • Establish short-term and long-term goals: provide assistance to the neighborhood for the purpose of establishing goals, and encourage neighborhoods to balance the importance of a long-term vision with the necessity of identifying realistic short-term implementation actions
  • Achieve neighborhood cohesiveness and consensus: strive to achieve consensus through charities and interactive activities, and equip residents with the basis to plan for and address common concerns and opportunities
  • Coordinate efforts of government, non-profits, and private partners: facilitate coordination, based on clearly stated neighborhood goals and priorities, among all partners in neighborhood revitalization:
    • Community residents,
    • Government agencies
    • Non-profit groups
    • Private sector
  • Attract synergy and investment to targeted neighborhoods: improve the allocation of resources by guiding a community-driven investment process
  • Assist neighborhoods in the planning process: each neighborhood will receive planning assistance in accordance to its planning needs