Parklet & Streatery Pilot Program

Recently, the City Council approved a 6-month pilot program for the areas of downtown for the creation of parklets and streateries. Parklets and streateries will be allowed throughout the duration of the pilot program in downtown areas except for on Elm, Hickory, Locust, and Oak Streets.

What Is a Parklet / Streatery?

A parklet is a temporary, constructed public space installed in a parking spot or loading zone intended to serve as outdoor seating, but can also include other amenities such as shade structures. A streatery is much like a parklet, but it is reserved for the use of the adjacent restaurant during their business hours-just like a sidewalk café, but not on the sidewalk. When the business who maintains the streatery is closed, it works just like a parklet-free for everyone to use!

Under the "Helpful Resources" heading on this page, you'll find a manual describing everything you need to know about the how to design and construct these areas, and an application to be submitted to development services for approval.

Provide Feedback

Residents can provide their feedback about the pilot program in the comment section provided on this page. This information will be shared once the pilot program ends and the results of the programs are presented for consideration of making these features a permanent fixture of the downtown area.

Parklet & Streatery Pilot Program Feedback

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