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Learn to utilize digital marketing, expand your business through ecommerce, and network with other local businesses.

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Digital Marketing Tutorials

Local marketing experts share their lessons, skills, and tips to give you the marketing information most requested from their clients.

Omnichannel Retailing How & Why It Works for You

Omnichannel Retailing How and Why it Works for You is a 12 minute video on how to create an enhanced online experience for your customers.

Created by Danielle Longueville (She/Her/Hers), GSATi, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

4 Basic Design Principles to Creating Content for Your Business

4 Basic Design Principles to Creating Content For Your Business is an 11 minute video on the fundamental design principles of contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity and how you can apply them to what you create for your business.

Created by Laci Kettavong, Stoke Denton, Marketing and Member Coordinator.

How to Generate New Email Subscribers

How to Generate New Email Subscribers is a 12 minute video designed to help you grab a few quick tips for making your newsletter subscription accessible in order to generate new email subscribers.

Created by Randi Skinner, Owner, RS Consulting.

Making the eCommerce Jump: a Webinar

Making the eCommerce Jump: A Webinar is a 40 minute video: GSATi and Swash Labs partner to host a webinar on the basic ins and outs of some eCommerce platforms and what you need to get your business moved online.

Created by Jason Bodor, GSATi and Josh Berthume, Swash Labs.