Mobility Plan

The Mobility Plan is a long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities, bicycle facilities, and pedestrian facilities that are needed to meet long-term growth within the City of Denton. This plan presents the City of Denton's multimodal mobility strategy and framework to address citywide transportation for years to come. On March 22, 2022, City Council adopted the 2022 Mobility Plan Update (Ordinance No. 22-513).

This page provides brief details regarding key elements of the Mobility Plan below, including Goals, and the Thoroughfare, Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans. Electronic copies of the adopted Mobility Plan and supporting documents are available using the links on the right side of this page.


Mobility Plan Goals

The 2022 Mobility Plan presents four goals that guide the City's efforts to improve mobility in and through Denton. Below each goal are objectives and strategies to provide achievable and measurable advancement of each goal. Safety is the number one goal of the Mobility Plan. 

Thoroughfare Plan

Primary streets that serve the major transportation needs of the city are referred to as thoroughfares. These are the streets that connect neighborhoods with goods and services, support economic activity, and carry travelers through our community. The Thoroughfare Plan serves 3 primary purposes, to determine street alignments, identify necessary public right of way and establish characteristics of the street such as the number of lanes, medians and roadside facilities. 

Bicycle Plan

A network of bicycle facilities proposed in the Bicycle Plan will accommodate safe and comfortable travel by bicycle. The proposed facilities include a combination of low-stress roadside pathways, or on-road separated facilities, and low-speed or low-volume shared streets. This plan is complemented by the Denton Parks, Recreation, and Trails Master Plan, and aligns with TxDOT's recent Bicycle Accommodation Design Guidance, which together will improve travel opportunities by bicycle throughout the City.

Pedestrian Plan

Completing the sidewalk network is the primary goal of the Pedestrian Plan. This plan provides broad objectives to accomplish greater sidewalk connectivity, and improved pedestrian safety, supported by existing programs like the ADA Transition Plan and SIdewalk Workplan that are currently addressing sidewalk needs around the City.