Bike Plan

In February 2012, the City Council adopted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Linkage Component of the Denton Mobility Plan. Since then, the City Council allocates funds each year in the budget for infrastructure implementation. Each year, the Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator and Transportation Engineer choose projects to be funded through the Bike Fund.

One of the key roles of Bike/Walk Denton is providing opportunities for education and encouragement for people who bike currently and those who are interested in biking more. You can find us at many community events with information on safety, bike light giveaways, and news of upcoming projects.

With these initiatives, the City of Denton plans to achieve an increase from 4.7% to 7% mode share split of bicycling and walking as a means of transportation to work, as outlined in the Denton Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan includes a number of Performance Measures for active transportation. See the quarterly update of the Performance Measure targets here.