Customer Service

Leak Adjustments

City of Denton water customers who have experienced high bills due to a water leak may be eligible for a partial billing adjustment (reduction) of excess charges. If a customer has experienced any loss of billed water due to a failure of a plumbed line or fixture, they may be eligible for a partial billing adjustment of up to 100,000 gallons of excess usage. Leaks should be repaired within one month of detection and customers must apply within 60 days after the repair was made. See the Water and Sewer Leak Adjustment Program Flyer for program specifics and eligibility requirements, or call (940) 349-8700 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Submit a request for a leak adjustment.

Request Service / Disconnection

To request service or disconnection, call Customer Service at (940) 349-8700. The deaf and hearing impaired may contact the City by phone by calling the Texas Relay Service (TDD) at (800) 735-2989 and connecting to Customer Service at (940) 349-8700.

Reporting Incidents

Call (940) 349-7000 if you are reporting a utilities-related incident that requires immediate attention, such as:

  • A power outage
  • Downed electrical poles or wires
  • A water main break
  • A clogged or overflowing sewer main
  • A leaking water meter or hydrant