Clowns on Fire

Clowns on FireDenton Clowns on Fire was originated in 1998. Several City of Denton firefighters and Public Education Officer saw the need and had the desire to educate children in the community about fire and life safety. The Clowns on Fire group has grown from 2 firefighters to more than 6 members.

The members travel to elementary schools in and around Denton to teach them important messages about emergencies and safety using familiar characters or firefighting clowns! The skits created last approximately 30 minutes for a quick and fun learning experience. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a successful skit each year. These tasks include writing a script for each member to participate, creating a background and scene to match the theme, producing sound for the bits and a lot of practice.

Clowns on Fire 2Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is usually the first week of October but because Denton Clowns on Fire want to educate as many children as possible they spend the entire month of October traveling to different schools and performing the fire education program. Denton Clowns of Fire occasionally perform at nursing facilities for residents or other events in the City of Denton. To inquire about performances or visiting your school please call City of Denton Fire Department Administration line 940-349-8840.

Clowns on Fire 3
Clowns on Fire 4

Denton Fire Videos

Due to COVID-19, Denton Clowns on Fire created online videos to continue educating children during the pandemic. Some videos can be found on our Clown's on Fire YouTube page.