Construction Permits

  1. Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System
  2. Compressed Gases
  3. Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  4. Fire Pumps & Related Equipment
  5. Flammable & Combustible Liquids
  6. Gates & Barricades Across Fire Apparatus Roads
  7. High-Piled Combustible Storage
  8. Private Fire Hydrants
  9. Special Event Structure
  10. Standpipe Systems
  11. Underground Fire Line

Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System

A construction permit is required for installation of or modification to an automatic fire-extinguishing system. Maintenance performed in accordance with the International Fire Code is not considered a modification and does not require a permit.

Submittal Requirements

Complete the Fire Construction permit application. Submit shop drawings in accordance with IFC and NFPA, specification sheets or cut sheets for equipment to be installed, and calculation sheets.

Inspections Required

Inspections could include a visual and hydrostatic test. Acceptance test inspections are required.


$200 per system (per riser for sprinkler systems).