About DME

Since 1905 Denton Municipal Electric (DME) has provided safe and reliable power to residents of the greater Denton area. DME is a community-owned, not-for-profit public power utility that serves over 53,000 customers.

Thanks to the industry-leading initiative, the Denton Renewable Resource Plan, adopted by the Denton City Council, we have reached our goal of 100% renewable power while maintaining competitive and reliable rates. We are proud to provide citizens with energy services that are environmentally responsible.

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Affordable Electricity

DME provides affordable rates to all its customers because we provide revenue-neutral power, which means we are driven only by the mission to serve our customers and the community, not to generate revenue. DME only charges for power that is purchased and the cost to deliver it to residents.

Keeping energy costs affordable helps provide long-term stability for our community, and that's what public power is all about. Here are some of the ways we achieve affordability:

  • Establishing rates using citizen-controlled boards that hold public meetings.
  • Financing Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects and improvements with municipal revenue bonds that are exempt from federal income tax.

Reliable Electricity & Quality Service

Municipal-Owned Utilities (MOUs), such as DME, can invest more resources to system hardening and restoration efforts resulting in customers being less likely to be affected by power outages, and for a shorter amount of time than customers of private utilities.

DME's commitment to serving the community results in a friendly, fast response, and effective customer service.

Local Control

Local control allows DME to use and allocate a portion of the utility revenues funds in areas of need throughout the community. Examples of these include the following:

  • Offering energy efficiency programs for residents and businesses.
  • Providing financial assistance for low-income services for qualifying customers.
  • Partnering with schools and civic organizations on energy education programs.

Supports the Local Economy

DME provides close to 200 local direct jobs and supports causes and charities in the community.