Power Supply

Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is an electric utility leader that provides reliable energy services to its customers while continually increasing the use of renewables, energy conservation, and demand response technologies. DME is a vertically integrated utility, meaning it owns and controls all functions of generation, transmission, and distribution within its domain of operation.

100 Percent Renewable

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Denton Renewable Resources

DME is proud to serve the Denton community with 100% renewable power. On February 6, 2018, the City Council adopted the Denton Renewable Resource Plan (DRRP) (PDF), which set a goal to have 100% of Denton's energy load under renewable energy. 

The background on the decision to set a goal of 100% goes back to the priorities of the Denton community. The City's Simply Sustainable Plan (PDF) lays out a goal to invest in renewable energy, and Denton, through DME, has been a renewable energy leader for many years, including implementing a landfill gas to energy project in 2008, purchasing wind energy through purchase power agreements as early as 2009, and offering rebates for residential and commercial solar installations.

The decision to go 100% renewable was about both environmentalism and economics as renewable energy development has expanded, creating enough affordable and clean energy.

Denton Energy Center

As a rapidly growing city, Denton's demand for energy is also growing. DME continues to contract for additional supplies of renewable energy to keep up with this growing demand. DME recognizes that keeping electricity affordable is equally as important as protecting the environment is also extremely important. The Denton Energy Center, a 225 Megawatt fast-starting natural gas facility, is a critical component of DME's supply portfolio that enables us to control costs.

The Denton Energy Center acts as an insurance policy to ensure that electric supplies are available when intermittent renewable resources are not available. More importantly, it insulates DME customers from wholesale market price spikes that would otherwise have to be passed on to customers.