DME Commercial Customers

Energy Efficiency Incentives

The GreenSense Incentive Program rewards customers in good standing who perform qualifying energy-efficiency improvements in their homes or businesses. For more information you may:

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from unethical selling practices. Solar rebates are now available, and companies are flooding to Denton to sell as many solar systems as possible. Before purchasing a solar system:

  • Be aware of solar companies claiming to be DME partners; DME and the City of Denton do not partner with solar companies
  • Be alert of emails, calls, texts, or door-to-door salespeople requesting personal information; do not provide personal information if you don't trust the source
  • Be leery of any offers that pressure you to send information, money, or sign documents

Report unethical and suspicious practices to the Better Business Bureau at 214-220-2000 and by emailing DME.