Residential Electric Services

Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is your community-owned and locally-controlled electric provider. DME owns and operates generation, transmission, and distribution facilities that provide reliable power to the citizens of Denton.

  1. Understanding Your Rates
  2. Current Residential Rates
  3. Rate Comparison
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Understanding Your Rates

Your rate consists of three components:

  • Base Rate
  • Energy

Base Rate

The Base Rate is made up of the Facility Charge and Usage Charge:

  • Facility Charge: fixed monthly rate that recovers costs associated with customer service, metering, meter reading, billing, and accounting
  • Usage Charge: fixed rate based on kilowatt hours (kWh) that recovers costs associated with poles, substations, lines, and equipment needed for delivery


The Energy Cost Adjustment or Energy Rate is a variable rate charged per kWh to recover costs associated with generation and fuel.

Estimate Your Monthly Bill

Please use the Residential Bill Calculator (PDF) to help estimate your monthly electric bill.