Solid Waste & Recycling

Basic residential solid waste and recycling services consist of weekly collection of trash and recycling containers and yard waste. Additional services, such as scheduled collections of bulky waste, Home Chemical Collection, and brush are also available (fees may apply).

Call (940) 349-8700 to set up new services, cancel existing services, or request additional services.

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy

The Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy is a future-casting and planning document that evaluates solid waste best practices, demographics, and financial impacts affecting solid waste systems locally, nationally, and globally and analyzes the gathered data to assemble a state-of-the-art strategy that helps the City strategize, identify, align, and set short- and long-term goals, policies, and actions to manage the generation, diversion, and disposal of solid waste. 
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Comprehensive Diversion Ordinance

The City of Denton is seeking the implementation of a Comprehensive Diversion Ordinance (CDO). The CDO would require all multi-family and commercial properties to implement a diversion/recycling program. Each business would notify the Solid Waste and Recycling department of its desired plan for diversion within the given period. As a part of the process, we are seeking public comments on the proposed ordinance. If you were unable to make the public comment meeting, please provide your thoughts and comments on the feedback form below.

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Link to Chapter 24 Solid Waste Redline

Comprehensive Diversion Feedback Form

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