Municipal Court

If you were issued a citation by a Denton, UNT, or TWU Police Officer, that ticket was probably filed with the Denton Municipal Court for resolution. You have options for how you want to interact with the Court. You can view your case and resolution options online, talk with a Clerk about your options, or appear in Court to speak to the Judge on your scheduled date and time.

Please Note:  If your offense is higher than a Class C Misdemeanor, was issued by another type of public safety officer (i.e., Sheriff, State Trooper), or was issued in another city, your case is likely filed with another court. The Denton Municipal Court does NOT have access to records of the county or other city courts.  

Ticket Resolution Options

  • Online: View your case information, submit requests, or resolve your case using our  Online Resolution System.
  • Phone: If you have questions, give us a call. A Court Clerk is always available to speak with you during normal business hours.  You can also pay by our automated phone system at any time.

Main Phone Line: (940) 349-8331
Pay by Phone: (940) 240-3070 or (940) 349-7244

  • Email: You may email the Court questions or documentation.  The Court has a dedicated clerk monitoring the email inbox during normal business hours.
  • Visit in Person: To talk to someone in person, you can visit the Court at 601 E. Hickory St., Suite D, Denton, TX 76205.   Free public parking is located along Hickory Street and in the lot at the intersection of Hickory and Exposition Streets. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

NOTICE: If you received a collection letter for a Red-Light Camera violation, it may be disregarded. In accordance with House Bill 1631, the City of Denton terminated its Red-Light Camera program and dismissed all outstanding citations and balances in June of 2019. No agency has been contracted to collect and no money is owed for these violations. 

Virtual Court

Most non-jury Court hearings are currently held virtually by Zoom.  Juvenile hearings are in-person. 

Read the Virtual Court Instructions (PDF).

If you do not have technology to appear by Zoom, please call or come in to the Court prior to your court date and time to make other arrangements to appear.

Jury Service

Did you receive a jury summons in the mail? Jury service is an important duty of citizenship. We attempt to make your service as convenient as possible. To assist us with ensuring jury selection runs smoothly for everyone, please complete the Online Juror Questionnaire at least 5 days before your jury service date. The online questionnaire does include an area to submit disqualifications and exemptions. 

Current Municipal Court Jury Service Dates: 

  • None Currently Scheduled

If you received a summons for a date other than the ones listed, your service has been requested at another court (possibly, Denton County). Please refer to your summons or contact the potential other court for more details. 

Texts may be used to communicate additional information or even dismissal of service. So please make sure to provide us with a good, text-enabled phone number. 

If unable to complete the online questionnaire, you may print use this Printable Juror Questionnaire. Return the complete, signed copy to the court in person, by mail, or by email. 

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