Disposal rates can be found in the Solid Waste and Recycling Utility Rate Book.

Notice of Delays

Due to increased use and customer count, traffic at the landfill may be significant resulting in longer than desired wait times. Your patience is appreciated.

Exiting After Closing Time

Customers will be assessed an additional $120 fee upon exiting the landfill after closing time.

Weigh Station

The weigh station at the Denton Municipal Landfill only accepts credit and debit card payments.

Weigh Station Policies

  • Must provide a valid driver's license or state-issued identification card
  • All loads must be tarped or tied down, unsecured loads will be charged a $25 fee on the first offense and then $30 for each subsequent occurrence. 
  • Prohibited items:
    • All liquids (including paint)
    • Batteries
    • Tires
    • Hazardous, biohazardous, and radioactive waste
  • You must provide your City of Denton utility bill and driver’s license to be eligible for the resident gate rate.