Investigations & Support Bureau

The Investigations and Support Bureau conducts investigations of criminal activity committed within the city limits of Denton. The Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Frank Padgett.

General Investigations Division

The General Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Denton which require a degree of specialization or a centralized investigative approach.

Major Crimes Division

The detectives assigned to the Major Crimes Division are responsible for criminal investigations that are time consuming, require specialized expertise or are of a serious nature.

Family Services Division

The detectives assigned to the Family Crimes Division investigate offenses where children are the victim of crimes of violence. The detectives investigate both physical and sexual abuse of children. The Bureau works very closely with the Denton County Children's Advocacy Center and Child Protective Services. The Family Services Coordinator for the Denton Police Department is assigned to this division. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/counselor and is responsible for providing victim's services for crime victims, providing short term counseling, crisis intervention and referral to social service agencies.

Forensics & Public Safety Division

The Forensics & Public Safety Division is comprised of three civilian units. The Evidence Management unit is staffed by Evidence Technicians who ensure the proper storage and maintenance of all items seized pending judicial proceedings or return to the owner. Additionally, the Unit is responsible for the case management of all external forensic laboratory submissions and reporting. The Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) of the Crime Scene Unit are responsible for crime scene processing, physical and digital evidence analysis, and latent fingerprint examinations. The Unit is comprised of highly educated and thoroughly trained CSIs who specialize in forensic investigations. The civilian Public Safety Officers (PSOs) of the Public Safety Unit work calls for service not requiring a police officer. These include parking enforcement, abandoned vehicle enforcement, processing crime scenes, directing traffic where needed, assisting motorists, and taking reports for criminal offenses where no suspects are present.

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division includes the Narcotics Section and the Denton Repeat Offender Program (DROP). The detectives assigned to the Narcotics Section target narcotic/drug activities that affect the city of Denton. The investigators conduct both covert and overt type investigations. The detectives assigned to DROP are responsible for serving active arrest warrants that originate from other members of the police department. They also are a part of a United States Marshals Service Violent Offender Task Force responsible for apprehending persons who have active federal or state warrants in the Eastern district of Texas. A crime analyst/forensic computer specialist is also assigned to this section.