Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau is the uniformed presence for the Denton Police Department. Officers assigned to patrol the city generally north of I-35E are supervised by Deputy Chief Tony Salas, while Downtown, Traffic, and those generally south of I-35E fall under the direction of Deputy Chief Bryan Cose.

Officers assigned to the Operations Bureau take pride in providing quality customer service, developing positive partnerships with members of our community, and ensuring a safe community for our residents. Our officers are committed to working with community members and are often involved in neighborhood meetings and the development of neighborhood-focused problem resolution.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is deployed in four, 12-hour shifts. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants. Officers are responsible for providing police service through responding to calls for service and performing self-initiated police activity in each of the 16 police districts.

Downtown Division

Officers who serve the entertainment district are supervised by one Lieutenant and two Sergeants. Officers respond to calls for service, perform high-visibility patrol, work with community stakeholders, and assist with special events that take place on the Square. The department’s emergency management and special events coordinator is also housed in the Downtown Division.