Data Initiative

We are listening. As part of our commitment to continuously improving our service, we are taking active steps to meet and exceed your expectations and needs. These measures include meticulously updating department policies, incorporating a wide range of extensive training, proactively engaging in important dialogue with those we serve, and much more.

Additionally, to promote transparency, this page serves as an evolving resource hub of information. With each update, we look forward to open and honest conversations on how we can better serve you. Together, we can keep Denton safe, sustainable, and livable for everyone.

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General Orders (PDF)

General Orders are department policies that guide police employees. Since 2018, the Denton Police Department has been updating all General Orders to ensure they align with best practices, community expectations, court decisions, and legislative changes.

General Orders are added or modified monthly. The date of last update can be found at the bottom of each PDF page.