Drought Contingency & Water Conservation Plans

Recognizing the need for efficient use of existing water supplies, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has developed guidelines and requirements governing the development of water conservation and drought contingency plans for public water suppliers. The City of Denton has adopted this water conservation and drought contingency plan pursuant to TCEQ guidelines and requirements.

View the Drought Contingency Plan (PDF).

Plan Objectives

The objectives of the water conservation plan are:

  • To reduce water consumption.
  • To reduce the loss and waste of water.
  • To identify the level of water reuse.
  • To improve efficiency in the use of water.
  • To extend the life of current water supplies by reducing the rate of growth in demand.

The objectives of the drought contingency plan are:

  • To conserve the available water supply in times of drought and emergency.
  • To maintain supplies for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection.
  • To protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety.
  • To minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortages.
  • To minimize the adverse impacts of emergency water supply conditions.