Denton Civic Center

Historic Denton Civic Center was designed by renowned Texas Architect O'Neil Ford. It's centrally located near downtown Denton in beautiful Quakertown Park, and it is perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, community events, trade shows, and quinceañeras.

Civic Center Rental Features

  • 9,000-square-foot indoor rotunda, rental includes tables and chairs for 200 guests
  • 4,000-square-foot outdoor, covered plaza
  • Three meeting rooms
  • Full catering kitchen
  • Updated lighting and acoustics
  • Adjacent to Quakertown Park
  • Alcohol permitted

Walking Track Free Access with a Rec Pass

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Total Laps to Measure a Mile: Inside track, 14.5
  • Inside track, 14.5; middle track, 13.75; outside track, 13.1 Laps
  • Annual Rec pass: $10 per resident

Civic Center Facility Rates & Fees (Resident/Nonresident)

Rates and fees are subject to change. Advanced rentals will be adjusted based on the current fiscal rates approved by City Council.


  • $150 per hour, per resident
  • $155 per hour, per nonresident

Meeting Room One (Community Room)

Also known as the community room:

  • $65 per hour, per resident
  • $70 per hour, per nonresident

Meeting Room Two

  • $45 per hour, per resident
  • $50 per hour, per nonresident

Outdoor Plaza

  • $25 per hour, per resident
  • $30 per hour, per nonresident

Additional Rental Fees

The following rates might also apply:

Building Attendant (BA) 

  • $14 per hour
  • Hourly fee per individual staff for after hours rental; staff requirements are based on attendance and alcohol served.

Police Security 

  • $45 per hour
  • Hourly fee per officer applied to a rental based on attendance thresholds and alcohol served.


  • $200
  • Fee required to secure a rental and is refunded after the rental pending no damages to facility.

Cleaning Fee 

  • $400
  • Flat fee required for Civic Center rotunda rentals.

Sale or Distribution of Merchandise, Food, or Beverages

The sale or distribution of merchandise, food, or beverages (including alcohol) on City-owned property requires a Special Event Permit.

Alcohol at Special Events

If alcohol is being served on City-owned property, a law enforcement professional is required to be on-site during the event. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that if alcoholic beverages will be possessed and consumed during a Special Event that he/she/they have obtained all necessary City approvals for such possession and use.

The sale of alcoholic beverages at the Civic Center requires approval by City Council and a Special Event Permit. A Letter of Request for City Council's consideration must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Additionally, Liquor Liability (Dramshop Liability) or Host Liquor Liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 shall be provided, naming the City of Denton as an additional insured.

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