The City of Denton is committed to financial transparency. On this page you will find the City's budget information, Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, Quarterly Financial Reports, and other miscellaneous payment information.

Budget Documents

The City's budget, or Annual Program of Services, is developed and adopted to accomplish the policy goals and priorities of the City Council. The budget allocates funding for City services and programs.

View the FY 23-24 Proposed Budget (PDF).

View the Budget Document Archive.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The purpose of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) is to provide the City Council, management, citizens, and other interested parties with detailed information concerning the City's financial condition.

View the ACFR Archive.

Debt Reports

Debt reports provide information regarding the long-term debt obligations of the City used to finance non-operating expenses, such as equipment, facilities, and the acquisition of land.

Access the Debt Reports Archive.

Quarterly Financial Reports

The Quarterly Financial Report provides users with information regarding the City's financial position and economic activity, as well as fiscal accountability to its citizens. The report includes an executive dashboard, a financial summary, revenue and economic analysis, and an investment report for the quarter.

Review the Quarterly Financial Reports Archive.

Traditional Financial Information

View the Traditional Financial Information Document Archive.

Important Documents