Boards, Commissions, & Committees

Boards and commissions are an established feature of Denton's municipal government that offer citizens an opportunity to participate in the City's governmental process. Their influence and value are significant because they lend a more diverse viewpoint for the City Council to consider. It is important membership be fully maintained and we welcome you to apply.

  1. Board Details & Contacts
  2. Vacancies & Nominations
  3. Meeting Frequency
  4. Serve on a Board

Board Details

The board description (purpose), existing vacancies, membership size, term length/limit, enacting legislation, and staff liaison contact information can be found by clicking the Boards tab found on this page. Some boards do have special qualification criteria.

Contact Board or Commission Members

Board or commission members can be contacted through their staff liaison. Staff liaison contact information can be found by clicking the "Boards" tab found on this page. If submitting an email to board or commission members through the liaison, please indicate if you wish to the message to be distributed to a single member or all members.