City Council Priorities

FY 22-23 Key Focus Areas & City Council Priorities

The Denton City Council reaffirmed the Key Focus Areas and adopted its Fiscal Year 2022 to 2023 Priorities on July 19, 2022. These priorities serve as a foundation for budget development and primary staff focus for the upcoming fiscal year.  

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  1. Pursue Organizational Excellence and Collaborative and Respectful Leadership

    • New City Hall with mixed-use retail
    • City staffing, benefits, and sustainability
  2. Enhance Infrastructure and Mobility

  3. Foster Economic Opportunity and Affordability

    • Form a Municipal Housing Corporation to focus on workforce/affordable housing
    • Execute the Housing Affordability program
    • Increase Tourism
  4. Strengthen Community and Quality of Life

    • Develop and implement small area plans
  5. Support Healthy and Safe Communities

    • Partner with Vulcan Materials to relocate the concrete plant
  6. Promote Sustainability and the Environment

    • Expand the vehicle fleet and infrastructure

Quarterly Status Updates

On a quarterly basis, City staff document the progress of the City Council Priorities. The status update documents accomplishments, next steps, and timelines associated with each priority or project.

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2022 Highlights

On a yearly basis, City staff compile highlights and annual updates to share with residents and businesses at various events. The highlights feature the previous year's noteworthy accomplishments and growth experienced.

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