City Council Priorities

The Denton City Council adopted its Fiscal Year 2021 to 2022 Priorities on September 28, 2021. These priorities serve as a foundation for budget development and primary staff focus for the upcoming fiscal year.  Descriptions of the Council Priorities are shown in the table below.

Quarterly Status Updates

On a quarterly basis, City staff document the progress of the City Council Priorities. The status update documents accomplishments, next steps, and timelines associated with each priority or project.

View the Status of the FY 2021-22 Council Priorities

  1. American Rescue Plan Funding
  2. CIP Planning and Communication
  3. Comprehensive Plan Update
  4. Solid Waste Management Strategy
  5. Affordable Housing Strategy
  6. COVID-19 Response
  7. Mobility Plan Update
  8. Homelessness & Housing

Develop and Implement American Rescue Plan Funding and Programs

The City of Denton will receive a total of $23.29 million from the federal government in ARP funds. The first half of this funding became available in the spring of 2021, the second half of the funding will not be received until spring 2022. After significant public engagement, the first allocation of ARP funding is being used to provide financial support for local non-profits, small businesses, and health initiatives that impact our community.

2021-2022 Priorities and Major Projects by Focus Area

  1. Pursue Organizational Excellence
  2. Enhance Infrastructure and Mobility
  3. Foster Economic Opportunity and Affordability
  4. Strengthen Community Services & Quality of Life
  5. Support Healthy and Safe Communities
  6. Promote Sustainability & the Environment

Develop and Implement American Rescue Plan Funding and Programs 
(Council Priority - see above for more information)

Implement a 311 System

A 311/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will handle the intake, routing and tracking of operational tasks across the City, and is anticipated to improve communication across departments and with residents and businesses regarding service requests and maintenance activities. Staff across the City are involved with this project as it will integrate work order systems across many operations and allow customers to experience consistent, positive customer service. Staff have evaluated the proposals, held interviews, and identified a sole finalist for a 311/CRM software vendor. 

Develop Budget for FY21-22 and FY 22-23

City staff is working with Council and City leadership to set priorities for the development of the budget. Staff continues to seek feedback to develop a budget calendar that fulfills both new legal requirements and the priorities of the Council. The FY 21-22 budget will focus on providing excellent service to the citizens of Denton while being mindful of the financial burden many are carrying during a global pandemic. Staff is taking a collaborative and comprehensive approach to the development of the capital budget in particular. The capital budget will be itemized on a project specific level which will allow for greater transparency and accountability for all stakeholders. 

Continue Grants Management Improvements

In September 2020, the Grants Management Office (GMO) began to operate with Laura Behrens as the new Grant Administrator and Daniel Jones as the Grant Analyst.  

GMO has begun to work with individual departments on the review of new grant proposals and the management of existing grants. A database and dashboard of current grants is being developed to track a grant’s status and progress for reporting. Training will be offered to staff on the new process and resources available for grant management. GMO is also working to identify a long-term record management solution for grants as well as creating webpages on both the City’s internal and external websites to share and highlight grant information.

Complete and Launch New Website (COMPLETE)

Public Affairs has launched the new website that is designed to increase the functionality and user experience, while allowing staff to more quickly update content to ensure that the most timely information is available to the Denton Community.  

Continue to Evaluate Organizational Staffing and Benefits

Human Resources is consistently working to enhance benefits and staffing levels to provide a workforce that delivers outstanding services to Denton. In Fall 2021, HR will present options to the City Council regarding adding to the City Holiday schedule.