Community Benchmark Surveys

The City of Denton conducts benchmarking surveys with National Community Survey (NCS) to gather residents’ opinions on various aspects of quality of life in Denton. These may include quality of life surveys, utilities and customer service surveys, business surveys, and more. 

2023 Utility Customer Survey

To create a baseline to improve the provision and service of utilities and customer service, multiple departments collaborated with NCS to draft its first utilities and customer service baseline survey. This survey assessed residents’ opinions on the quality, affordability, and reliability of water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling, and electricity utility services provided by the City, as well as the associated customer service. Staff plan to provide this survey biannually to assist in the prioritization of areas for improvement as assessed by community members’ survey input.

2023 Utility Customer Survey Results

2022 Citizen Survey

The City of Denton conducted the 2022 Community Benchmark Survey using the National Community Survey (NCS) tool to assess residents' opinions on different aspects of the quality of life in Denton. Questions were designed to measure ten facets of community livability: Safety, Mobility, Community Design, Utilities, Natural Environment, Parks and Recreation, Health and Wellness, Education, Arts, and Culture, and Inclusivity and Engagement. City staff will use the results from this survey to understand the priorities of Denton residents, and to find areas that need improvement whether through increased outreach, education, funding, or operational enhancements.

Survey results are provided in a full PDF as well as an interactive Tableau dashboard

2022 Citizen Survey Results

Business Survey

The Business Survey is an online survey to assess local business owners' or managers' perspectives of the community. The survey tool tracks business expectations for the coming year, identifies services and policies that would assist the success of local businesses, describes characteristics of local companies, and tracks business owners' perceptions of the quality of current services.

Business Survey Documents

Previous Surveys