Flood Protection Information

  1. Flood Information
  2. Flood Insurance
  3. Flood Protection Assistance
  4. Flood Hazard Areas
  5. The Flood Hazard
  6. Flooding & Flash Flooding
  7. Flood Warning System
  8. Flood Safety Measures
  9. Property Protection
  10. Substantial Improvement Requirements
  11. Drainage System Maintenance
  12. Natural & Beneficial Functions
  13. Floodplain Development Permit Requirements
  14. Additional Information for Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents & Appraisers

Flood Information

The City of Denton has adopted the latest Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) effective April 18, 2011, as issued by FEMA. For general information about FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps please call 800-358-9616 or visit FEMA's website. City of Denton floodplain areas can also be displayed using the City of Denton Interactive Map. Floodplain maps are also available for reference in the Capital Projects Department at the City Service Center located at 901-A Texas Street and at any Denton Public Library. Elevation certificates of all properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) are available and on file in the Capital Projects Department, and copies are available upon request.