Intergovernmental Relations

Many state and federal policy decisions have the potential to directly impact the services of the City of Denton and it is critical that representatives and agencies in both governments understand how these decisions these impacts further affect residents. Through its intergovernmental relations efforts, the City of Denton actively works to ensure that our unique community priorities are understood and promoted at the state and national levels by:

  • Engaging the federal government and state government on the local impacts of proposed legislation
  • Working with state and federal agencies to reduce roadblocks and harness opportunities for the community
  • Advocating for Denton to receive state and federal grant funding for critical services

Legislative Advocacy

The City's legislative activities aim to produce positive outcomes for the Denton community. When in session, numerous proposals in the Legislature have the potential to seriously impact the ability of the City to carry out its overall mission. By taking a proactive role in monitoring and engaging state and federal agencies on proposed legislation, the City is working to ensure that policymakers understand these impacts. The City of Denton is ready and willing to work with our state and federal government toward legislation that benefits our community.

City staff developed the City’s 2023-2024 Legislative Program conveying the City of Denton’s state and federal legislative policy direction and position on substantive issues. As a policy document, the Program provides guidance to staff on how to respectfully advocate for the City in response to proposed legislation and in working with state and federal agencies.  For more information on the City Council-adopted legislative program and priorities, view our 2023-2024 Legislative Program (PDF).

Intergovernmental Relations Team

The City's legislative activities are led by Council, who provide policy direction to the organization. While the City has no full-time staff member, a team of employees coordinate the City's intergovernmental relations activities along with intergovernmental relations consultants

Intergovernmental Relations Consultants

As opposed to utilizing a full-time legislative team in Austin, TX, or Washington, DC, the City of Denton enlists the assistance of knowledgeable advocacy professionals who have expertise in the federal and state legislative process and agency operations. These consultants work on behalf of the City to provide important information and directly advocate for our communities needs and priorities.

  1. Capital Edge
  2. Focused Advocacy
  3. Jackson Walker

Capital Edge, LLC has represented the City of Denton at the federal level since 1997. Based in Washington, DC, Capital Edge assists the City in:

  • Securing grant funding for, among other services, community development and housing funding
  • Advocating for direct transportation grant funding to local governments to fund needed mobility projects
  • Advocating for local stimulus funding for City services and utility bill assistance

View the Capital Edge Contract (PDF) to learn more.