Plan for How Others Can Help You

Free Storm Shelter Registry

Homes with storm shelters or safe rooms provide an added measure of protection. However, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can leave debris on top of shelters, hindering access from emergency responders. Emergency personnel also benefit from knowing if a property has a safe room that protects against an attack or intrusion. For these reasons, we maintain a registry to help us locate or assist individuals who may be trapped or are hiding inside.

The registry provides the City's fire, police and 911 call center personnel with valuable information for each shelter or safe room including contact information, shelter address, and shelter type. A shelter can be a safe room, basement, storm shelter, or other designated space used by residents or businesses.

Register with the City of Denton's Storm Shelter Registry.

State of Texas Emergency Assistance RegistryFree State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry

The State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR) provides local emergency planners and emergency responders with valuable information on the needs of the community. Registering doesn't guarantee assistance; however, we urge you do so to prepare yourself and us as best we can.

Register with STEAR.