Ready Denton - Extreme Temperatures

How the City Prepares for Extreme Temperatures

Per policy, designated City facilities that are heated and/or air-conditioned with public access to restrooms, water fountains, and sitting areas will serve as warming or cooling centers during normal operations to serve individuals needing relief from extreme temperatures. View the current Extreme Temperature Resources Flyer (PDF) to learn more.

The Inclement Weather Policy is activated when:

  • The temperature low is expected to fall below 32 degrees
  • The temperature high is expected to exceed 100 degrees
  • The City declares an emergency for weather conditions such as snow/ice, hail, severe flooding, etc.

When extreme weather conditions exist, community providers may open their shelters to serve as daytime cooling or warming stations and extended their shelter hours. Providers prepare by offering locations with air conditioning or heating, emergency food, and water. In terms of preparedness, plan ahead by calling or using their online resources to confirm capacity or to see how you can help.

How You Can Prepare for Extreme Temperatures